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The Triticum TA Tower is based on how a wheat seed uses subtle signal to draws atmospheric free energy to itself for the sprouting and plant growth process. Over the past 20 years the founder of Sprouting Health Ltd, Greg Miller made some assumptions about how the wheat seed signal is similar to the human nerve signal system. Close to seventy eight thousand bottles of Sprouting Health Ltd. base product Triticum Aestivum Spray, (TA is mist sprayed outside the body) was sold or distributed over the past 20 years. Special-need customers often contacted Mr. Miller for instructions on how they could use TA for specific dysfunctions. Mr. Miller made the assumption that in order to draw on the atmospheric free energy a subtle vibration is needed.

Three people are Mr. Miller’s mentors and sometimes product testers. Long time friend and mentor Allan Graff along with his father is/was an early developer of Alberta organic farming – equipment practices. With Allan to bounce Nano particle ideas off of and Rob Korbynn the British Columbia Organic website designer/computer systems developer and Mr. Miller’s sister Gwen Miller, LPN, Reiki Master/Reflexologist the Triticum TA (Free Energy) Tower was planted in September 2010. Two other people are needed to mention to bring the concept together, a gal from Saskatchewan whom lived with an MS dysfunction and a guitar musician from Alberta.

Mr. Miller made an assumption that the heart (beat) sends out a signal to the atmosphere around the person. The guitar player told me about how the music raw signal starts from his strings travels though the room speakers, bounces off everything in the room and then returns to the source. A TA knee wrap was developed to increase the intensity of the return signal back to the MS gal’s brain. The method worked for her. We found that the TA knee wrap also had an effect on the guitar atmospheric sound. It was the guitar player that wanted to try TA crystals close to the pure string vibration to alter the harmonics.

A few years later Mr. Miller jumped to the harmonics of a car tire and quickly found that TA crystals could increase the longevity of heat damaged machinery parts. Customers experienced vehicle long dead computer boards and lights were coming back to operation. A BC Electrical Engineer suggested that the method would work with any engineered flow including; water, oil hydraulics, electrical, equipment movement and so on. Perform-Max Energy Products Inc. (PEP) was formed to test how the TA signal seemed to have a subtle interface between high speed vibration and the low frequency vibration of the atmosphere. The Triticum TA Tower was developed for humans but can also be used for machinery because the constant in each case is the planet’s atmosphere.